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Lumbar puncture/myelogram


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So a couple weeks ago I had a ct myelogram where they stick a needle into my spine and inject dye into my spinal fluid and the hole did not close enough so spinal fluid ended up leaking out. I have had two blood patches where they inject blood into my back to plug up the hole.

I'm hoping that worked and I'm not leaking anymore but anyone have any ideas on if this could aggravate dp/dr or hppd in general? Ever since I have had a weird dizziness vertigo heavy type feeling and everything seems to me moving with some shots of pain in certain areas of my head. Sorta like depersonalization on steroids maybe? I don't now if its my fluid regulating itself or it aggravating my own hppd or not

If anyone had had this done any info would help or anyone with any idea for that matter. Thank you

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Most people who develop SCSFLS feel a sudden onset of a severe and acute headache.[9][11] It is a headache usually but not necessarily orthostatic in nature, typically becoming prominent throughout the day, in which usually the pain is worse when the person is vertical and less severe when horizontal.[12] Other symptoms include dizziness and vertigo, facial numbness or weakness, unusually blurry or double vision, neuralgia, fatigue, a metallic taste in the mouth,nausea, or vomiting.[9] Leaking CSF can sometimes be felt or observed as discharge through the nose or ear.[13] Orthostatic headaches can be incapacitating;[14][15] these ailments often become chronic and can be sufficiently disabling to make those afflicted unable to work.[9][15][16] Some patients with CSF leak will develop headaches that begin in the afternoon. This is known as second-half-of-the-day headache.


Probably just overlap. Though sickness tends to aggravate hppd for many.

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