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Depersonalization disorder: A functional Neuroanatomical perspective

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Hmm.. it's been found that people with DP have an inhibited sympathetic reaction to emotional stimuli.
Whatever the case, I know for sure that I, for one, do not have an inhibited sympathetic nervous system.
In response to emotional stimuli, perhaps. But in general, I would perceive myself as having a hyperactive SNS.
Perhaps the studies focus on 'pure' cases of DP. Quite often though, DP is co-morbidly accompanied by anxiety of various forms and sizes. IME, it's very ambiguous and personal what ANS response you'll have to certain stimuli. Moreover, skin-conductance.. yeah I don't know. Plus it was also an acute stressor. I think there's some better conducted study reviewed further on in the article. There's some other general information in the article, but I just can't Ctrl+F it, and I'm lazy now. But there should be something about vmPFC functioning in there, so that would be good to know.

It's pretty extensive, so have a go at it when you've got nothing to do!


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