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The little things that keep you going

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For me the only things that really keep me going are those few moments when im at work sitting outside with my work friends puffing on a black n mild and I have a meaningful conversation with he/she and for that moment I feel connected. It reminds me that the person I used to be is still there. Thats what keeps me going. Especially when I get to be around this girl that I work with. She has a boyfriend, but I like to hope that we could end up being more than friends in the future. Honestly shes one of the kindest, most sympathetic people ive ever met. The only person ive told about my hppd, other than my parents. So what keeps you guys going?

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Being determined to cure this? Refusing to live dead, and wanting to die alive?
I just made a pact with myself: either I cure this, or suffer while trying.
Despite the praisable efforts already employed, I find it unacceptable that there's so little known about HPPD, and that those afflicted with it are left to fend for themselves.
However rare it may be, HPPD has been the worst thing that ever happened to me, and I have been through a lot in my few years.
I can't let this happen to other people.

That, with faint faded memories of joy and love, keep me going. And knowing that nothing lasts forever.

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