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A thread to swap contact details if you're interested in chatting more regularly with other HPPD sufferers

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So it often comes up in conversations on here how nice it'd be to meet somebody in real life who'd experienced HPPD so that you could share genuine empathy for one another - while a lot of us have lovely, caring people in our lives, very few if any seem to be personally acquainted with anyone who's experienced this disorder first hand. Unfortunately, you don't exactly bump into people wearing "I survived HPPD" shirts in the elevator of your local shopping centre.


Given that people don't post here with great regularity and when they do it tends to be publically visible and limited to discussing HPPD, and how impossible it is to catch anyone in the chat room, I thought it might be a nice idea to be able to add others on Skype and such and get to know each other through private conversation.


However, while HPPD can hugely shape the person you are and the life you live, it's probably not a greatly solid foundation for a friendship on its own, so if you're a fan of the idea it'd probably be good to post a little "about me" with your age and interests and so on.


I know I'd definitely like to chat more regularly with my fellow HPPDers; hopefully a few of you are into the idea as well! :)

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