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For our Dutch residents - a YouTube video

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Seriously? This was on the news? Oh well, was in 2008. Thanks though, I hadn't seen this yet.
For the sake of anonymity I considered not sharing the following, but then realized I had already indirectly done so, and should be less paranoid about it.
This is the person I am currently seeing. So far he's been very helpful and understanding. More so than any professional I have contacted about HPPD.
I strongly advise any Dutch citizens to contact him when seeking help.
I'll make a translation of this interview for everyone to read later.

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So I figured I'd start my day with the easy stuff. Below is the translation I made. Dutch is a bit iffy regarding contextual portrayal (don't know how else to name it) so some of the stuff I translated literally to be more precise.

Reporter: "Every year 1,5 million drug users report themselves at the website. Asking a question about your complaint there, is of course safe."

Gerard: "But sometimes digital contact is insufficient, and you have to be treated face to face."

Reporter: "The house doctor (General Practitioner I believe?) only has a few minutes, and does not always know the latest (note: scientific is implied) discoveries. That's why Gerard is expecting dozens of people per week, as of Friday, at the Partydrugs Conversation Hours. He comes across all party drugs."

Gerard: "The most popular party drugs at the moment are: Aside from XTC, also GHB (note: Gamma-HydroxyButiric Acid), Cannabis, Alcohol and Mushrooms."

Reporter: "And what are now the most prevalent complaints?"

Gerard: "Well, the most complaints do indeed come from XTC (note: the Dutch "toch" means right or indeed, but can be thrown in to imply "as you would think/expect" without saying those exact words, leaning more towards the indeed meaning). In the form of hearing things that aren't there, mood disorders can unfold; really depressive complaints. And they can also include flashes of light, but also as if they're watching through a screen full of snow; a television screen full of snow. (note: He only had a few minutes, he did his best to quickly explain VS). A typical symptom of a damaged brain actually."

Reporter: "The users that come to the Conversation Hours are usually not yet addicted. But inject or swallow regularly nonetheless."

Gerard: "Those people I then advise to quit. And I can help them to get rid of there symptoms quicker, with conversations, but also with anti-depressants; prescribing medication."

Reporter: "And should everyone then just quit drugs?"

Gerard: "No, not everyone needs to quit. But you should if you're experiencing problems from it."

So just my thoughts on this: This was uploaded in 2008. This is when he first opened the Hours for the public. Obviously any statements made in this show are subject to change and re-evaluation, as his knowledge has expanded through the years.
Don't take offense by the "damaged brain" bit. Damaged does not mean broken or irreparable.
The interview is rather short, and hence I think in the little time he was given he did quite a good job.

Anyway, there's a Dutch talk-show I spoke of earlier. I'm going to take the time this week to see whether there's something about HPPD in their video archives. I believe there wasn't, but I'll check again.

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