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Feeling Angry at myself

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I decided that I wanted to try and smoke weed again, (stupid!) and it made my trails come back a litle and gave me positive afterimages as well as head pressure. Will I be able to recover from this again? Im so angr at myself for making things worse.

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Hey bpl,

I strongly suggest you abstain from MJ (for the rest of your life). If it's really such an issue, perhaps other substances (Kava) could form a suitable replacement.
Anyway, just try to accept that MJ is no longer a part of your life, and it can't be in any way (aside from maybe pure CBD).
Don't be angry at yourself. There's a high probability you'll recover over the week, on the condition you abstain.
Just enjoy your high as your last :)

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I smoked last night as well. Had a night out in New Orleans because I "deserved" it. Not the first time I cut loose. Don't get mad at yourself, just use it as a reminder. I'm sure you'll be back to baseline before too long.

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