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Inhibition of neuronal hypersynchrony in vitro differentiates levetiracetam from classical antiepileptic drugs

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These results show that LEV contrasts to reference AEDs by its ability to antagonize neuronal (hyper)synchronization, in the highly seizure-prone CA3 area of rat hippocampal slices.


Now have a look at the HPPD EEG study:


In HPPD, we speculate that occipital EEG hypersynchrony resulting from increased regional coherence, when coupled with relative isolation of visual cortex, especially upon eye closure, facilitates hallucinations and illusions.



I found this too be highly notable, as this shows us why Levetiracetam in particular has high efficacy in treating HPPD.

So perhaps its effects are not only due to calcium channel inhibition. This can provide us a new model for treatment research: antagonizing neuronal hypersynchronization.

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