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Discharged by psychiatrist after 2 sessions

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So finally having worked up the guts to discuss my issue, gone through hell having 'accepted' I screwed up they discharged me today because 'theres nothing they can do'.


WTF I walked out too stunned to do much. Now what do I do? I can get back in to see a different psych via drug services, maybe thats the way?


Welcome to the NHS :/

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Ahh that sucks! I had a similar problem. However the regular psychiatrist referred me to the addiction clinic, despite my lack of significant addictions.
They also knew very little (nothing) about HPPD, but agreed to do a neuropsychiatric test, which will take place.. well probably in 3 months.
Anyways sorry, hate to sound demoralizing. I'd say your best bet is the drug services.

Otherwise, there's a HPPD specialist here in Holland who I'm seeing in a few days. Seeing as you're from the UK, perhaps that's worth looking into?
I wouldn't know how costly it is, if your insurance would cover it, if they would accept foreigners, etc. but I suppose it's worth the shot.

You can find contact info here. Be sure to add 0031 before the number, and leave out the 0... that might be confusing.
It would be: 003188....


Alternatively I could ask whether they accept foreigners when I go see this person myself.


Good luck!

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Its kind of like going to a Urologist, dropping your pants and have them start laughing ...


But you are doing the best thing by gathering info and working out a plan of attack - - - by not stopping.


You can bet that any of these 'dismissive' professionals had the problem themselves, they'd make a U turn !!!

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