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posts promoted to article?

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Does anyone know what happens to a post once its promoted to an article?

I have several posts id like to read but the links left behind after an article has been promoted dont work???

I cant get an answer from admin, if anyone knows how to view them please let me know. Thanks LJ

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This is a really really bad thing.  The coolest stuff and most informing material i have posted have been turned into "articles", never to be seen again.  

Only the two main guys on here can be held accountable, I think .....?   This can make you lose interest: the last thing we need on this site.  





Really not cool.

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^What -mg said.. I've posted a lot of stuff that's informative/useful. Though they haven't been promoted to "articles", it would definitely suck if they were lost, as apparently I tend to use this website as my drawing board a lot, and don't really make any back-ups, aside a few bookmarks and some documents. But the theories and connections I've made are mostly "in the cloud" (isn't that the term nowadays?).

I'd really be interested in reading -mg's stuff too, for that matter. Would be great if the material could be recovered!
I guess that's why I opted for writing articles now, so as to be able to keep them backed-up. I know the promoting to articles doesn't occur anymore, but still.. would suck if everything was lost.

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Excuse me for derailing, but this reminds me very much of the Doctor Who episode "The Long Game" where people are promoted only to be never seen again (dead) :-P


On topic: I actually wrote a message to jay on this topic about a month ago, and he said "it looks like David has deleted that entire area of the site... I will try and find out about it.", which doesn't bode well (the deletion part, that is) :-(

(jay: I hope it's alright by you that I quote our private conversation here? :-) Otherwise, feel free to delete my post!) 

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