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I was siting here and reading A little bit about hypnosis/nlp, and many people have overcome anxiety and other mental illnesses whit this kind of terapy. Have annyone of you breen thinking of this or Tried it?

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I doubt I'm cognitively susceptible to hypnosis. Also I am largely biased as I think it's a load of bull.
There's a lot of seemingly pseudoscience out there that actually does work (think acupuncture), but IMO hypnosis definitely isn't one of them.
It requires you to allow it to happen, something I would never do. Who would want someone else intruding and prodding around in their mind?

So even if I think it could actually work, no thank you. Also I think there are far more effective therapies for the treatment of anxiety. Kind of ironic I suppose because hypnosis requires you to be relaxed. I doubt it would be beneficial, besides it's largely outdated.

That said, if you have other literature or thoughts that suggest it could help you.. I'd say go for it. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right? Well, not by definition, but that's not the point here. However there is that one factor that is key in choosing treatment approaches, which is finances. Be sure to prioritize your treatment plans by likelihood of effect. It would suck to spend all your money on something, that in retrospect had little chance of being effective, only to leave you with no money for the following treatment plan. Choose wisely ;)

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The US military have carried out experiments hypnotising people with LSD - I guess that is out of the question? :ph34r:


In all seriousness, I do not know enough about it to determine whether it could be beneficial. I would think that if it was, it would work to counteract against mental symptoms rather than visual symptoms. The power of the mind in certain situations is massive. Monks can increase their body temperature enough to make a wet towel steam on their back - or reduce their sensitivity to pain to allow them to smash metal bars in half on their head. Since I have pain along with my HPPD, perhaps this is something I should look into!

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Ghormeh: Perhaps. But I think frequent and deep meditation is more beneficial for those "superpowers". Biofeedback as well.
Regarding pain issues, tDCS has been proven beneficial for pain relief, perhaps give that a glance.

Acupuncture is also good for pain apparantly, as proven by the military.

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I've read a book on nlp not sure how much it would actually help reduce visuals

However to make you positive about the position your in I think it would be very helpful I found the concept of nlp fascinating and just from reading the book and using some of the techniques it made me more positive

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