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Successful benzo w/d's

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Anybody??? Just want to hear some stories. Positive hopefully, negative if that's all you experienced thx.

I'm quiting klonopin soon and just curious. I've read a million benzo boards, but having hppd and going through benzo w/d's, I'm just very concerned how to cope!!! :rolleyes:

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nevermind i'll just stop posting if nobody answers on this site anymore.


Don't get discouraged about the low rate of response.  We must be standing on the edge of a cliff, waiting for the sound to reach the other side.  But you are not alone






I have never taken more the 1mg / day for any length of time (except ramping up to 4mg for a couple weeks to see if it would affect visuals).  For the most part, it doesn't affect my visuals.


However, it is good for anxiety and sleep.  For the most part, took only 0.5mg / day for over a year.  Reducing that was actually hard, mainly sleep.


I find, for better or worse, that gabapentin helps me the best ... and without it, the "pre-seizure" state is poor.  Don't like depending on it.  But last year mostly only took one 300mg pill a day.  This year am taking 2 - 3 a day and it is a much better year.


I mention Gabapentin because it seems to be useful for getting off Klonopin.  There are similarities, though clearly very different drugs.  I do pop 1/4 - 1/2 mg Klonopin now and then when needed, but it is truely difficult to describe the 'needed' bit - probably because after all these years, I just work with meds PRN without 'studying' it anymore (for sanity reasons).


Where are you at with 'withdrawal' at this time?

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First time back on here in awhile. Been on klonopin for over 5 years and also in the process of quitting. I also have been having back pain and some nerve issues that are getting worse so I have an MRI scheduled for slipped disk and I can't differentiate what's causing what so going a little crazy. I always think that eventually getting off klonopin will be at least very interesting to see what it's like without it

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''Where are you at with 'withdrawal' at this time?''

Thx for the responses. Btw I'm currently not cutting klono, I'm actually cutting down my gabapentin. I was at 1400mg daily and now at 1000mg. I'm going to cut down to 800mg tomorrow. For whatever reason I get crazy hot and cold flashes and extremely weak everytime I cut, but eventually I'll be off that med. I'm trying to figure out which one is causing all this discomfort.

I'm hoping it's the gabapentin because klonopin w/d's are next :((

I just know somethings off because of how I've felt the previous 15yrs, Take care all!

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