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Increased cortical excitability in XTC users: a TMS study

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[PDF] Increased visual cortical excitability in ecstasy users: a transcranial magnetic stimulation study

Our findings with TMS complement these observations, suggesting that hyperexcitability of the visual cortex could be a physiological counterpart of the neuroimaging abnormalities described in this brain area. This phenomenon could be correlated with some of the synaptic events after ecstasy administration in experimental animals. It has been observed that MDMA induces both an acute release and reuptake inhibition of serotonin (5-HT) and to a lesser extent dopamine, followed by depletion of intraneuronal 5-HT stores. The initially released 5-HT activates post-synaptic 5-HT2A/2C receptors located on GABA interneurons resulting in a decrease in GABAegic transmission.

Something I found whilst looking for correlations between NIBS and HPPD. Perhaps of interest to some of you here.


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