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ok so i am considering taking this to a doctor, but after struggling with hppd\dpdr i cant stand talking to them.


My mother is bipolar type 2, and me and her is similar in both looks and mentality.


i am depressed almost all the time, but i can't tell if it's just my life or disorder.


should i go to a doctor about this or should i just leave it be?

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I'm bipolar II as well. So many prob's have occured from it, I don't feel like listing them all.

I got checked into a mental hospital after trying to overdose on pills 7 yrs ago and I've been on depakote 1000mgs daily for bipolar ever since.


Depakote pro's- (for me) Keeps my bipolar in check. Majorly helps with headaches I never recieved till after hppd. (it's even prescribed in small doses for ppl w/o hppd suffering from severe headaches) I can actually sleep rather easily. It's made relationships with family memebers and friends much easier. It was the only bipolar med that worked for me and is considered the best from most bipolar ppl I've talked to.


Depakote con's- makes most gain weight. It's hard on the liver so you'll need blood labs atleast every 3 months. It's harder to become motivated, but if you push yourself you'll find energy. Sometimes you'll honestly just feel like a zombie till you are used to it.


I could go on and on but I'm leaving to the pool so take care man! Oh ya, Magellen will usually help bipolar patients and even pay for all their medications for the rest of your life. I haven't paid for klonopin or any phychiatric (sp?) med in 7 yrs and I've tried a shit load of meds I've seen ppl help on this board for free. It saves me about 250$ monthly even though I already have the money, I'll take the free meds in this economy, later feel better!! Message me if you want........

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