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Dr. Abraham's new book


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If only I had the chance to read that when I was younger. From the description it seems like it's a good book.
Especially how he says that the youth is told that drugs are bad, but never really believe it because they are told too little.
When I asked my parents why drugs are bad, they told me: "just, because, it's unhealthy". 
Yeah well so is fastfood, that never killed me!
Ahh the invincible mindset of a teenager.
What also aided was that I was told pot would cause braindamage. Come on, seriously?
WIth misinformation, distrust comes. Kind of like the boy who cried wolf.
"Weed is dangerous!"
And then when it comes down to hard drugs, you just think: Well, they where full of BS when it came down to weed, surely harddrugs aren't as dangerous as they tell me.

If I ever get over this HPPD, and deem it responsible to have children, I'd definitely find it a good investment to buy this book.

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While i salute him for trying.... Kids just don't want to educate themselve,s if it means stopping doing something fun.


How long have we known that smoking causes cancer?.... that unprotected sex can lead to aids or stds?


I did my first E a week after  the first reported death from E, in the UK. I couldn't have cared less about the risks.


Maybe the youth of today are more information savvy though?

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Exactly, Jay. The type of kids that would read this book are the type of kids that are unlikely to take drugs in the first place. Maybe it might of some use to parents but it's too reminiscent for me of that 'Talk to Frank' nonsense. As a teenager I would have taken no notice. And Dr A, one email would have been enough, I didn't need three.

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