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Who here finds relief from symptoms with opiates?

Went into my aunts closet looking for advil and she had a stockpile of generic hydrocodone.


Anyways, I figured that would do the trick and a few later I have total relief from what little DR I was having, the anxiety and ghosting and starbursting.


I always thought that benzos were the route most people took, though I have seen a few atest to the usefulness of opiates.


However, I think its making my tinnitus worse.

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Opiates work pretty good for me. Anxiety and other strange feelings are gone and visuals don't bother me anymore. But when I take them too regularly I notice different visuals appear. That's strange I guess, because I don'tt hink Opiates are meant to give you colourful visuals? What I am talking about are things like colourful shapes, which appear in my field of vision and move around a bit, or my visual snow starts to form patterns and gets thicker or thinner like waves... hard to describe, but these things are only there, when the actual effect of opiates is there.

But after a while without opiates and when taking them again, it needs a while again to get to those optic effects.


I don't have tinnitus, so it has no effect on that for me :D

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I tried Tramadol a couple of times, and it honestly did little for me. Albeit not being a traditional opiod, all it did was make my tinnitus worse.
One time I took twice the max. dose cause I thought it just wasn't working, and I remember nodding away and having some sort of miniture seizure.
Strange dreams as well.
I'd stay well clear from opiods.

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