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Extreme symptom fluctuation


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So today at work I went outside in the dark for the first time in a while. My starbursting seemed greatly reduced and almost non existent. Two hours later it was like a switch went off in my mind and the starbursting got worse than ever. Do symptoms fluctuate this drastically for you guys?

Does this mean im getting better?

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I have bad starbursting too. I see it off of reflections from anything, even chromes, bottles of beer etc. I had starbursting and ghosting after lasik operation already, 6-apb has increased it.

Sometimes when my eyes are fresh (no sitting at a computer etc.) I can see small starburst (1-2m diameter), but if I am so tired - starbursting is very bad (5-10m diameter). From along time I don't see any correction.

Sorry for my English, keep well  :)

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