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Tea with catnip, effect on hppd


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So I bought some relaxation tea that contains small amounts of catnip. I know that catnip in larger amounts can have hallucinogenic effects, so is there any real risk of this tea affecting me negatively. It seemed to chill me out pretty well. Not sure if it affected my visual symptoms. My starbursting has been bad today anyway. What do you guys think? My guess is that the risk is minimal.

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Hey man if it helps it helps. I dont think catnip should bother you. I find tea to be extremely therapeutic for my hppd. On days after I drink and I get those rare bouts of DP nothing brings me back to me like a big cup of tea!

Yeah I figured it would be ok. I actually combined it with melatonin and it felt like i was on a dose of klonopin, swear to god. Zero anxiety and relief from dp/dr. Might be onto something here...

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