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Does klonopin help your dp/dr?


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Today I took 1.5 mg of klonopin. I feel so relieved right now. My dp/dr is virtually gone, i could care less about visuals, and im anxiety free right now. I was wondering if klonopin helps you guys this much. The problem though is that when it wears off i fall back into the dp/ anxiety cycle. And btw, is it normal to feel relief from klonopin for up to 2 days? Thats generally how long i feel relief from it for.

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I believe Klonopin has a pretty long half-life, longer than most of the other benzodiazepines so feeling less DP/DR for 2 days is probably normal.  The issue is that you can build tolerance to benzos and they can become addicting.  I'm currently trying to get off 1.5 mg because I believe that it's doing more harm than good.  I wish I had never started on benzos. 


It does reduce my DP/DR but only for a couple hours after I take it.  It also fucks with my memory as well. 


If Klonopin is helping you, I think that's great.  Just be aware that it has it negative side effects.

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Helps mine.  Klonopin helps nearly everything HPPD related for me... to a greater or lesser degree.  It makes it possible for me to survive. 


I take a tiny dose at night to help me sleep and I usually feel pretty good in the morning when I wake up for a few hours. There is a long half life on it.  12 hours I think.


Don't take too much!

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