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recovering from mild hppd


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Hey guys,


i used to be a semi active poster/lurker in the past 2 years. Just thought i'd give an update on my progress for anyone who is interested. This is a short motivational speech for mild sufferers only.


I developed tracers, ghosting, visual snow, streaks of light across the sky from car head lights, difficulty driving, moderately bad anxiety and depression. The core problem was that i was depressed before hppd, and i found it extremely difficult to stop doing drugs. If you relate to any of this, the answer may be obvious, but ill tell you what helped me.


Instead of tackling hppd head on and CONSTANTLY researching it every day and causing more and more anxiety, i battled my depression. I dropped out of school due to depression and anxiety and went to a psychiatrist. With the right mix of meds, i was able to become productive again.  I worked a few part time jobs, gained some perspective and new goals in life - educational and career oriented.


With the help of the meds, i was finally able to find interest in doing things i used to love - exercise, reading, science, history, and other hobbies. I fill my time with as much as possible.


My hppd didn't immediatly regress. But hppd no longer occupies my mind. As i became happier and slowly came out of depression, it was easier to give up on drugs and alcohol.


I guess that's pretty much it. Try to get your other issues under control and hppd will follow.


Yall have been a wonderful help to me over the past two years. Thanks for reading.



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I'm sort of in the same boat. After defeating anxiety and keeping my self occupoed for so long it literally seems to melt away day by day. I was drinking once a week for the past few months, but I have decided to stay sober for the next few months in the hopes that I can wipe it out completely. I just read a lot, and play to my interests.

And in that alone, life is worth living. Granted my HPPD is relatively mild. As long as I don't fuck around with drugs or alcohol too much I'm usually about 90% most days.

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