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My tale of uhhhh


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New to the board, I've suffered with what I now *know* undiagnosed as yet. But I've pretty much known what was up for 20 years just not a name nor had I confided in someone!!.


About a month ago I had to write a letter explaining why I didn't think me going back to work and as I wrote the usual words I've used to hide whats 'wrong' (depression, anxiety blah) I somehow decided to tell the truth..... Now I'm here talking to you guys!!.


I had a run of bad trips around 18, the last trip didn't stop, I discovered booze made it more comfortable, I ended up gradually with a serious alcohol problem. I dropped all drugs.


I cleaned up my booze problem 3 years ago, but I wasn't 'right'. Roll on 3 years letter written I go to see my GP (a month or so ago now) and explain. He prescribes Olanzipine, I have a 'manic phase'. He throws in Halperidol...... And to be fair I feel OK. Today I had a 'surprise' unplanned psych eval so lets see what that b


Biggest issues? Derealization/personalisation and visuals particularly 'fractals' with my eyes closed, I'm pretty used to that now, but its still freaks me out a bit. I've found benzos the best 'quick fix'.


Nice to know I'm not alone!!!



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Welcome mate.... I'm a long termer from the UK too.... 17 years in.... There are probably 10,000s of us from the UK scene in the 90s, what a party!


Good luck with your evaluation today and be careful with those anti-pysch drugs.... Very potent stuff that is unlikely to help your hppd. Be careful with the Benzos too.... Very easy to get addicted... but they are a great magic bullet, if you can manage them well (couple a week)


All the best, Jay

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