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got a treatment idea


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Thought of an exercise that might get visual inhibition working again: Get some text that has unknown words on it, lorem ipsum is ideal. Put the words far enough away that you can barely make out the words. Slowly try and read the words, spending time on ones you aren't sure about. The words will swim about etc but i reckon part of your brain will be working to stabilise the images, and this exercise may stimulate that part and start strengthening those neural pathways. It would presumably take some time to work. Just an idea.


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Nice idea, I will try that soon, but with another text, because I am pretty familiar with latin words ;-)

Edit: Just tried it with different texts in various languages. There were black strains appearing at my desktop but I could still read the words, but everything else seemed to move and to swirl around and it blurred a lot, but not the text itself.

I don't know if doing this will have any effects, but I am just going to go on with it, I guess. It can't do much worse, I hope ;-)

If I notice anything going better, I will let you all know

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