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New supps.

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Ok. So I'm thinking of getting a stack of new supplements going down the lines of ALCAR, rhodilea whatever and possibly aniracetam as I've just had a stack of piracetam that I'm nearly finished. I'm down to my last ten (piracetam) and I can't say if its worked that much (apart from perhaps a slight cog enhncement) but there certainly hasn't been any side effects as such and as aniracetam is more potent maybe that's worth a try. Is there anything dodgy in these new supps that might be detrimental to my hppd ya think? Plus I'm waiting on seeing the doc (still) about Wellbutrin on top of my Prozac for my lack of motivation, anedhonia, n general apathy that to my mind isn't really connected with my serotonin levels.

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A guy on another site said he suffered severe cognitive impairment among other things from hardcore DXM use.

He used this stack and swears by it. Says you should do it for a month then stop for a few days, then continue. I have tried Alpha GPC and Piracetam together, nothing huge happened. Did it for about a month. My reasoning behind using this stack is that as long as I am cognitively working I'll be alright.

Fish Oil - 1,200mg (1x a day)

ALCAR - 500mg (1x a day)

Piracetam - 800mg (1x a day)

Alpha GPC - 300mg (1x a day)

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Yeah. Cognitively speaking as long as your not brain fogged up to the max thn a lot of the other symptoms of hppd don't seem quite so heavy on top of it eh. Thing about ALCAR though is I read it thins your hair because of some mad neuro/chemical aspect lol. Vain as fuck but my hairs receding anyway and I don't want to speed this process up if need be. Haha. Spose one a day might no make me a slap head overnight. Might have to miss out on the alpha gpc though cos monies tight but maybe next month. Cheers mike.

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Yeah Brendan. I've just finished a bottle of acetyl cystine yesterday and I've another one to start today. (600mg capsules) First one was holland and barrats own brand (shitty cheapo british health food shop...alledgedlyl lol) and this ones Swanson so if I can give all those a try then maybe see a slight improvement. Keppras too much on my ol nervous system, think my body sees it as a toxin which is a shame cos I had high hopes for it so I'm not bothering with it. Maybe again in the height of summer when my immune system etc is naturally a it's strongest anyway. And yeah, il go with alcar first mike see how that is. So, alcar, NAC and aniracetam n see how it fits , n hopefully a small dose of webbutrin. Il just be pissing pure chemicals.

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