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Well, i'm cured.

Dylan L

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Not even bullshitting anyone. A couple days ago my visual snow was only in my peripheral vision which made me insanely ecstatic. I woke up this morning and felt refreshed, I felt clean, the air tasted better and I was just completely on the ball as soon as I opened my eyes up. I walked around, had a chat with my girlfriend and even she took notice of how chipper I was and the fact that I wanted to hit up downtown as soon as possible, and I HATE city life. I looked around and noticed that everything was completely clear, no static, no movement of anything, and believe me when I say I sat there and stared around the room in a kind of clear confusion, nothing was happening. That was earlier this morning, after a day/night in the crowds and traffic, still nothing. I don't know what to say really, except that I hope everything stays like this, I don't know why it stopped, how it stopped and I don't CARE to know the reason it stopped! 5-6 years and it seems HPPD is a chapter now in my past! :D :D :D

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This is great news indeed. I can understand not caring about why it is you are rid of this awful malady but it would be interesting and possibly useful to know the circumstances leading up to this (I know you weren't on any medication) and also the symptoms you were suffering from which are now gone. But yeah, really happy for you Dylan.

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Afternoon gentlemen! Woke up today, still free as a bird i'm happy to say! I know I should have went into some details about the facts leading up to this, sorry I was obviously kind of rattled (in a good way) all day yesterday and was just blurting stuff out,

Zukov, I don't take meds and I have not once taken a single dose of any medication for my HPPD, I don't even take Tylenol haha. I'm not involved in any organized sports but I am an extremely active person, I run 20km a day without fail and engage in strength/endurance training 5-6 times a week, and when i'm on duty all of that x10, so I pretty much have the whole "healthy lifestyle" thing under wraps. I've never been into meditation, although I do believe that it can lead to all kinds of healing.

Chris, you wanted to know the types of symptoms I HAD ( :D ) haha, well I had visual snow like everyone else, most likely to a lower intensity however, 5-6 years dumbed it down quite a bit :P I also had movement of objects in circuar patterns when I would stare at them for a second or two. Those were honestly the only symptoms I had left, all the colors and morphing were completely gone.

Seeing as I wasn't taking medication and didn't find some kind of "wonder drug" to fix HPPD, I obviously can't offer much of an explanation so i'll just tell you guys about what I think triggered some change in my head and so on, which have all happened in just the past few weeks.

Alright, So I have been on restrictive duty for the past 5 months or so with my unit in the military because I overclocked my last deployment in Afghanistan, staying an extra 3 months when I should have went home and started my downtime. So when I finally got home after that long ass deployment I was notified that I would need to take extra downtime and engage in psychological evaluations (as most soldiers do who complete year+ deployments) This depressed the hell out of me because well, the military is my life, if I could just stay on deployment and be at the whim of the Canadian Forces indefinitely, I would without a second guess. I was becoming more and more disenchanted with civilian life as the months went by and was just sick with boredom. Then about 2 or so weeks ago I was informed that my downtime was set to be finished and that I will be returning to active duty with my unit as of January 7, 2013. When I heard this I went ballistic and started working out hardcore like we do for deployment prep ect. I was fucking ecstatic, easily the happiest I have been since my last time in Afghanistan. I was waking up excited like a kid in a candy store everyday. A week or so later I was talking to -mg on chat and my girlfriend came up and the fact that I didn't think our relationship would make it through my upcoming deployment, so I just up and decided to make the 10 hour drive and surprise her at her university. We'd done the whole skype thing almost every day, but holy hell, seeing her in person after so many months was just like taking a fucking hammer to the skull, in a good way, if that's possible. I've been with her for the past 4 days now and Jesus i'm living in pure happiness. So anyways, I woke up after spending the first day with her and I noticed that my centeral vision was completely clear and that I only had snow in my peripherals. I honestly didn't think much of it, I updated my status on here about it and kept on about my day. I was surprised that I was no becoming stressed out throughout all the large crowds and shitty traffic associated with Calgary as large cities usually make me wanna puke with stress, I just decided to fly with it. The more time I spent with her the more happy I was and I began thinking that perhaps the massive amounts of seratonin/dopamine or whatever the fuck my brain was getting was putting it somewhere else and that it was helping my HPPD somewhat. Woke up yesterday not expecting anything, nothing was that different except for the visual snow, but when I looked around, EVERYTHING was normal, no now, no movement. Shit, I forgot to say that I kind of quit drinking for the past week but whatever, I don't think that's important because when this all happened yesterday we went out for drinks to celebrate and it didn't affect my in any negative ways whatsoever. I don't know what else to put! I know things will only get better when I get to see the guys in my unit on the 7th, I'm just ecstatic! :P

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