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Well, i'm cured.

Dylan L

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Not even bullshitting anyone. A couple days ago my visual snow was only in my peripheral vision which made me insanely ecstatic. I woke up this morning and felt refreshed, I felt clean, the air tasted better and I was just completely on the ball as soon as I opened my eyes up. I walked around, had a chat with my girlfriend and even she took notice of how chipper I was and the fact that I wanted to hit up downtown as soon as possible, and I HATE city life. I looked around and noticed that everything was completely clear, no static, no movement of anything, and believe me when I say I sat there and stared around the room in a kind of clear confusion, nothing was happening. That was earlier this morning, after a day/night in the crowds and traffic, still nothing. I don't know what to say really, except that I hope everything stays like this, I don't know why it stopped, how it stopped and I don't CARE to know the reason it stopped! 5-6 years and it seems HPPD is a chapter now in my past! :D :D :D

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