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re-emerging symptoms


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I have not posted here for a while, but I am having some problems that occurred kind of randomly and I was wondering if anybody on the board could shed some light.

I have had slight hppd for 8 months now. I had recovered a tremendous amount and it was almost nonexistent. I would barely notice it at all at school even after a night of social drinking.

During finals week I noticed that my symptoms had become more noticeable, but I contributed it to stress, coffee, less sleep, and a tired brain. The normal things that come with finals. The brain fog seemed to be there more persistently after finals week as well. The symptoms did not subside after y finals were over. this started to worry me.

I came home from school to job working 60 hours a week doing physical labor. I am tired a lot, but I make sure I get at least 7 hours of sleep.

I had an operation done on my nose that I was prescribed and took Vicodin for 3 days while recovering. I did not notice an increase in symptoms at all. It has been 10 days since surgery and a week since I took my last dose of Vicodin. My symptoms have increased dramatically, my dp/dr is back sometimes and I have noticed new symptoms. Yesterday was very hard and I had a lot of anxiety because a friend of mine completed suicide. My symptoms have been bad today.

Does anyone have any idea as to why the symptoms have seemed to stick around?

And do you think they will subside after I return to a more normal schedule and mental and emotional well being?

I know it's long but I like to give you guys as much detail as possible when asking questions.

Thank you to whoever responds and have a happy new year everyone.

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I'm so sorry to you and for your loss. You are going through alot right now so take a breathe and try to stop worrying about your symptoms and just worry about getting back to good over all health. I would take up meditation download a guide from iTunes maybe try some yoga. In about 3 months after being off meds and clean living then evaluate where you are. You have been through 2 really hard traumas one physical the surgery the other emotional your friend. The body's way of protecting itself from trauma is dp/dr so by doing meditation you will be offering another way for the mind to relax. I just had a wisdom tooth pulled and feel the effects of the surgery and meds and mine is not nearly as rough as what you are going through so give your body time to heal and I'm sure you will be fine. Try not to dwell on any of it if you can as a hppder the mind can sometimes get stuck make sure you process and move on. If it gets really bad even tho I hate meds you might try an anti anxiety med just to get you over this hump.

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