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Important: Vitamine-D deficiency


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This is especially for those who lives in parts of the world with little sun exposure, especially related to seasons.

I have noticed that my symptoms got worse between october-mars. I always believed that it had to do with colds and being indoors to much. I read that during the summer, just 30 minutes/day of sun exposure gives you the maximum amount of vitamine D. Since the body only can store vitamine-D for 1-3 months, a deficiency is almost unavoidable. when the sun does not reach over 45 degrees above the horizon the body do not accumulate any Vitamine D regardless of exposure. All of this is particulary Important for people with darker skin then kaukasian.

So why is this Important? Vitamine D plays a big role when it comes to dopamine and norephedrine functions. That is probably why scandinavian countries has so much depression during autumn/winter (lack of Vitamine D) and a lot of anxiety during the spring (levels of vitamine D raises too fast from aprox. nothing). People i have encountered from abroad that visit Sweden during the winter season often get diagnosed with Vitamine D deficiency when going to the doctor complaining about fatigue and blues like feelings.

So, if you live in south of the US or mediterranean you are probably not affected but if you live in a place where the clmate changes during winter and where there is darker periods when you dont get exposed by the sun you might wanna look up a supplement with Vitamine D3. In the beginning you might feel nervous if you have Vitamine D deficiency when the dopamine levels stabilize (believe me, i did) but that passes in a couple of weeks. I take 5000 IE/day (30 min of proper sun exposure gives you 10.000).

This is by far the best supplement i have taken and it is standing next to the trinity of klonazepam, sinemet and keppra. Of course this isnt as taking sinemet but for me it helps a lot. It is almost like my cocaine, sometimes i just need to take an extra pill if i get a bit tired and dizzy. Tired and dizzy=brain fog dp/dr. Soon i will up the dose to 10.000 IE but i do not recomend it as a starting dose. The darkness is extreme here so i guess one have to feel for themselve what a proper dose is. I recomend starting with 2000 IE and perhaps increase it if desired.

My stories should always be looked at as anecdotes but my pupils are even smaller since i started this.

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Vitamin D is fantastic stuff. A person should balance out well on 2,000 / day. But some require more if the body isn't processing ideal

If you are going to take more than 5,000 / day on a prolonged basis, get your blood levels tested and monitored. This is very important if you are heavy or obese because Vitamin D accumulates in fat. I've seen naturopathic doctors put people on 50,000 / day ... then when the person was loosing weight they ended up in the hospital from too much vitamin D - burning fat (loosing weight) released the stored D which caused illness from too high a dose.

This isn't to discourage taking Vitamin D. Quite the opposite is true - people should have plenty and it is worth trying for HPPD stuff. But mega-dosing vitamins or supplements on a long term basis can backfire by causing other problems/imbalances.

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