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Suicidal thoughts- Clonazepam


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Okay, I've been on Clonazepam for a while now. On the whole, it has helped me a lot and I generally feel a lot better. However, recently I have been getting suicidal thoughts again out of nowhere. It makes no sense as things seems to be improving somewhat. I can only assuming its a side-effect of the medication. I really don't want to discontinue it, though, as I was feeling close to edge before taking it; it was effectively life-saving. Dilemma.

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Months ago, when I used to take klonopin occasionally i suffered from major mood swings that produced that kind of suicidal thoughts (HPPD isnt my only problem: D). But when i start taking a low dose those thoughts were disappearing regularly. My fear now is to develop tolerance, something that hasnt happened yet.

How long are you taking klonopin and what is the dose?

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I definitely am getting a tolerance. A few times now I've done the few beers with the meds trick to increase the effect.

I don't exercise much at the moment. Keep meaning to get back into that.

I've been taking it for about a month now. 1.5-3mg.

The suicidal thoughts seem to be accompanied by a general disregard for my own safety and a complete lack of fear about...anything. Which I find really weird.

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I get that disregard for my safety. Probably more so years ago. I ended up with three titanium screws in my face after getting drunk and challenging a big massive guy to fight cos I thought fuck it. I dont care. Broken eye socket, broken cheekbone broken jaw and a wee broken nose opened my eyes a bit. Funny thing was when he was kicking me in the face full force I could just hear someone laughing and realised it was me. It was trying to enrage him lol.

Exercise is in the top 3 methods off warding off hppd in my opinion. But it can be counter productive if you overtrain.

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Wow, thats crazy 3rdTour.

I get suicidal with or without klonopin or any meds for that matter.

I am actually very unhappy right now as we speak.

I feel i like my "manhood", has shrunk (lol, seriously) and i am less potent.

I have asymmetry in my face. My hair line is moving back. etc. etc. etc. etc.

I could go on forever.

I wanna cry but my emotions are so f'ed and i am out of touch with them. Plus, i am mental.

So some people's problems can be worse than others.

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