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My Android app

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Not sure if this is considered spamming (it's free!), if so, please delete...

But i am very proud of the work we have done and wanted to show you guys:

Live Wallpaper Video Gallery

If you have Android, let me know what you think... i made about 80% of the videos in the app. If any of you want the premium version, just PM me and i'll give you a free link.

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Even if you did spam, you earned the right to spam the hell out of the board. ;)

However, all HPPD members and community should be able to promote their products, band/music and business so long as it isn't repeated over and over again and the member's primary purpose for membership is NOT promotion.

Jay, I am putting this up as a feature and encourage everyone who has asked for spam to be removed, received support from you and understand how much you have done (Administration is not a fun job, unlike the fancy star icon would suggest and essentially is the only perk.)


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Hey, there is a paid version (Jay kindly did not link to), but consider supporting members of your own community. I know his work (Quality images and novel for this type of device... and you know you supported a member of our community. Also, best NOT to mention in comments anything about the web site, not that i think it need be said, but just in case it slips your mind.


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Hi Megan, it allows you to put videos as your background/wallpaper


Unfortuntly, Apple do not allow this feature... They say it uses too much battery (3%).


This is why I use Android, I pay for my battery power, I like to choose what it is wasted on (Facebook = 22%!)

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