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Just wanted to know if things also disappear when you stare to long?....

When i look onto the floor and cables lye around the cables disappear, they mix with the floor and are covered then, after Op/Closing my eyes again everythings normal.....

I added a picture cause its hard for me to describe this : When i stare at the red dot, the street on the right side mixes with the grassland untill there´s only grassland.....

It only happens in my peripherical sight, when i stare at something central only the things around it disappear, never the central object...

Anyone knows what could help against it?

Weed is defenately making it worse, and the unhealthy mix i´m smoking right now also


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Yeah at night it´s really mad, sometimes i think i´m standing in a black nothing.....Maybe an idea why the Brain is doing this?

There are lots of thing going on with vision. HPPD is just a breakdown of the proper processing of all the info.

To start with, the neurons in the retina are "phasic". All that means is that they trigger (respond) to movement. It is actually normal for some things to drop out of view, especially for stationary sceans and pictures people make for illusions.

There are also two separate visual systems. One, Ambient Visual Processing, is high speed (low detail), peripheral vision response that is connected to the Amygala (among other things) for instant response before you even know that it is your a responding to. This is the 'feel' of vision. It is vigilance. It is midbrain and has a lot of dopaminergic neurons. Often with HPPD we have hyper-vigilance - - - anxiety, sensitivity to movement and light.

The other system, Focal Visual Processing, is low speed (high detail), mostly fovial (center of vision). This is where we 'think'. It is far more complex and hence slow. It is cerebral.

These systems feed each other back and forth. Any breakdown/miscommunication causes weird stuff. I've watched the grout lines in flooring disappear. For a while I sometimes would see a persons arm or head disappear - really thought I'd 'lost it' then, but it was just the brain couldn't decide whether I should focus on the person or the wall behind them.

Vision is very very very memory intensive. Hence positive afterimages, trails, and other effects can occur. And then there is hyperactivity with CEVs and OEVs.

Until you begin to understand these ideas a little, these symptoms can scare the crap out of you. Guess you just have to relax and enjoy the light-show (or non-light-show), :P

Here is a common illusion where dots disappear and reappear


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So it just depends on how my state is, happy or not, ......is it possible that one Vision is affected more then the other??....My peripheric Field is absolutely ok ( No wavemovement or flashes or anything), only the Trailing, crazy that the brain just invents stuff to fill it into your vision....

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So it just depends on how my state is, happy or not

This is more a question. Some members report that anxiety worsens their symptoms. I find fatigue aggravates the movement type problems.

is it possible that one Vision is affected more then the other

Certainly, it depends on whats going on with each individual. And if one is weak, it will affect the other. The description above describes two main systems, vigilant and focus. You can Google Ambient Visual Processing and Focal Visual Processing and get a lot of info - truely facinating. You'll see symptoms such as movement of stationary object accredited to communication/coordination problems between these systems.

It is hard to know exactly where to blame each symptom. But at least there are clues about what is going on.

crazy that the brain just invents stuff to fill it into your vision

It is amazing. And some of it is necessary. For example, in the very center of vision (fovia) there are no blue-cone receptors. And there are no color receptors (cones) in the peripheral vision. Yet you 'see' blue everywhere it is. Essentially vision is a mass of 'movement signals' from the retina that get analyzed and put together in a way that seems smooth/seamless ... provided something isn't malfunctioning. You can understand from this how much memory is involved is visual perception.

This is why fixing HPPD is so complex. Massive multi-dimensional systems interconnected in thousands of ways. Somewhere mixed in all of this is 'us' ... consciousness.

Kind of blows the mind ...

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There was a fantastic program on (maybe discovery) about the way our senses fill in the blanks... If it is on again, i'll jot down the name, well worth watching.

It showed how we can spot various human movements just with a dozen or so dots placed on the body.... then shown on a computer screen.... Complex activities like a couple arguing could easily be made out, just from 24 dots moving around on a screen. That was one of many, many examples they showed.

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Guest Natalie

The same thing has been happening to me! I can only look at tile flooring for a few seconds until the lines start to disappear, it takes longer for actual objects to disappear like lamps, vases, doors, ect...

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