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This might sound silly...


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[...] But hear me out, what if. I'm just saying what if, but maybe the eyes and the brain (i don't know) feel like they do not get enough light (from any source) and therefor we see afterimages (prolonged imprints right?) traces and maybe cev's. I mean as id the brain is trying to fill a void, which was filled pre-hppd. I saw a documentary once about a man who had black spots in his field of vision and in these spots he could see faces and whatnot. The doctors told him that his brain was trying to fill the void in his vision with familiar entitys. But if our brains are trying to do this, all the symptoms we see aren't familiar in anyway apart from the trip right?

I'm really bad at explaining and this looks freaking ridiculous when i'm reading it myself, this is just something i thought of last night though.

I wish you all the best, and if you don't live in scandinavia then fuck you, i can barely leave my house becouse of all the snow :D

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It is interesting.

I'm a photographer and there are three ways to get more light onto the film/sensor.

open the lens = changes the sense of depth

shutter speed = creates streaking and after images, when pushed too far

ISO = creates noise/snow, when pushed too far

maybe our brains are like cameras that don't function well.

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Yip, our eyes are deffo fucked up Nikons lol. My night vision is a joke (along with the rest), but I was particularly pissed off with this last night coming into my very dark flat tenement .couldnt see 2inch in front of me and I knew per hppd eyes I woulda seen a couple of metres 10 times clearer at least. !

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This might sound silly ...

I LOVE silly (as if you didn't know)

...mean as id the brain is trying to fill a void...

Not silly at all - - - that is EXACTLY what is happening. "disinhibition in the cerbral cortex" means the brain is working too hard to make meaning out of its inputs (hyper-active).

There are also reports of not enough info coming from the eyes such as optic nerve damage from MS or your example above of the man with blind spots. I think this article discusses this angle too (although my brain is too tired today to get-it-all-together and remember for sure) http://hppdonline.co...ual-perception/

IMO there is argument for problems on both side which are, of course, member specific.

My night vision is a joke

Two major things can affect this. 1) low dopamine (bet you're surprised I brought up dopamine again :o ) Lighting and contrast adjustment are big-time responsibility for cells in the retina - the range is one-billion-to-one! 2) noise, whether you have outright 'snow' or just a bit of white-out. This can be inflammation, hyperactivity, or .?.?...


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