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Anyone else that got unconscious during the trip that gave you HPPD?

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The trip (out of loads) that I attribute mainly to my hppd (amongst other things) I can't even remember cos I was so fucked up and drunk n stoned too. So yeah, I blacked out (which to most leads them to be unconscious and unable to walk but I am able to cause havoc on a black out).. A form of unconsciousness I guess. I dunno if I had remembered it if it would have made it worse or better. probably better cos if I had experienced it '1st hand' then I probably wouldn't have taken drugs again. But maybe if I had then it would have psychologically scarred me even more so who's to know. A hypnotist might cajole the experience out me but would I really want to face that again? I think most hppdrs who develop their hppd remember their bad trip if that was a part of the development process.

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