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It has been proposed that people with very mild depression who take SSRIs that the improvement of symptoms is totally placebo effect.

But i don't agree with that idea.

Placebo effect is definitely a real thing. And it can definitely help you to feel that you are actively treating something in you, even if it is a sugar pill that you take.

Placebo effect in most cases won't help infection or severe mental illness.

If your case is mild then i see no reason why it won't help.

If it is more severe than the chances are much decreased.

I mean if your goal were to get high and i gave you a bag of actual parsley to smoke, chances are you wouldn't meet your goal.

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Haha you say that but I gave someone a drink once and told them it was alcohol and they were acting drunk it was so funny I don't know how powerful the placebo effect can be but I know it doesn't work for everyone and I know there's a theory it could be down to genetics on the programme I watched people mainly beat there anxiety and fears through the placebo but it also helped people with smoking and even cleared up peoples allergies such as hay fever and dermatitis next week it's about faith and how people who are religious can miraculously cure people I believe it will be related to the placebo effect I'm a strong believer in the power of the mind and brain you hear of these cases where people heal and it leaves doctors stumped admittedly these are rare

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