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Starting Keppra today

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I'm starting on Keppra today. I will report changes in symptoms once in a while.

Wish me luck.

Good luck! I´ll be joining the Keppra club soon, my doctor have arranged a meeting with a neurologist.

Keep us updated on your progress. Don´t forget to take vitamin B6 to reduce the initial "Keppra Rage". You can get B6 dirt cheap at ÖoB, otherwise try the pharmacy.

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I believe it's supposed to take at least two weeks to start working. (Rene, how quickly for you?)

Are you thinking of adding lamictal. Aren't they supposed to go together, one potentiating the other's effect?

I'm thinking of starting it to treat my anxiety disorder since klonopin has stopped working. Would be an added benefit if it clears up the HPPD visuals and cognition issues as it seems to have for Rene. Anyway, good luck and I hope that you only have a few more days until it starts kicking in.

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