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Putting up with the Docs

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Eh, just got off my first phone call trying to schedule an appointment to be seen. Incredibly painful. After explaining/describing the situation:

"...So you want to be checked into our drug rehabilitation/ substance abuse program?"

"No, no, I'm not addicted and I don't abuse drugs. Never have. I mean, I've used drugs, but only a handful of times, and I was never addicted or anything..."

Irritated silence.

"Okay, so you're hallucinating?"

"No, like I said before, it's not hallucinations...just visual disturbances. I repeat, I do not have, and have never had delusions or symptoms of pychosis. Anxiety and depression, yes, but they are ancillary to the other symptoms."

Irritated silence.

"Um, I'll leave a note, but I don't think anyone will be able to see you without a recommendation/consultation..."

And so it begins! So looking forward to this.

Any 'interesting' doctor horror stories to share? Or, on the positive flip side, support/success stories?

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You looking to go to sierra-tucson? ..You might as well say they [visual disturbances] are hallucinations.

Because in my mind i think they are low level hallucinations. The problem is mostly not in your eyes. So then it's in your brain. Anyway, it's coming down to semantics.

Doctors are only as good as you feel. It you feel great and are in good health, than everything's all cupcakes, rainbows and unicorns.

If you don't feel you are living up to the potential of your brain and your senses, it seems like the world is against you.

My experience with psyche-doctors is that you have to rate them on a personal level. I know one guy pretty well and i basically think he is a totally douchebag, not as a doctor but as a person. But for those reasons I don't go to him.

I'll tell you about doctors. I had a collapsed lung, i went into surgery, they dys-regulated my morphine after the surgery but before i had awakened, and my breathing slowed to 2-3 times a minute. And i nearly died.

So some are sht and others quite helpful.

I think you are in L.A., i would have advised someone from UCLA but he has moved near me here in the Northeast. You have to go to someone who specializes in drug-induced psychosis. Because good luck with finding someone for hallucinogen-induced visual disturbances.

Where are you gonna go Walmart Eye Care? ..lol

For you, you need to find the right psyche-doc and i may be able to help you.

I think there are only a certain amount of options available:

1. Medical Drugs

2. Therapy

3. Diet/exercise

4. Some form of experimental therapy [whether pharmaceutical or other]

Go in there knowing all you can, and they will shut the fck up and listen.

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Actually, in my experience, the more knowledgeable and certain i sound, the more they think im a webmd hypochondriac...as far as semantics, if you call them hallucinations, they will immediately think seeing people and shit that arent there, ala psychosis, so i definitely agree with visual distrubances

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