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Hallucinations like in 25c

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I got hppd from 25c. anyway,if i stare at disturbing surfaces,i start to hallucinate like i did on that substance,but without the "psychedelic mindset". hallucinations are exactly same,in same pattern and resemble the substance.

do you also have this? If i stare at them,like something in my brain activates and i hallucinate.

other than that i have textbook hppd symptoms. did you had this? how long did this took for you to fade away?

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I had it. ..... Whoever is synthesizing these RCs is a total a-hole.

Same hallucinations, yup.

I think it depends on how much was taken, how your brain is [in general], etc.

But you should reach your first real step at about 5 months.

Next step at a year and bigger step at 2 years (75-90% better).

But given enough of a drug "o.d." and a vulnerable brain makeup,

and hypothetically it can throw you completely out of orbit

and "full" recover could be (or seem) virtually impossible.

And worst case, irreversible psychiatric problems.

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