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New Effective Treatment (READ ENTIRE POST & COMMENTS)


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Provasic is the breakout pharmacuetical from a newly discovered class of drugs.

Provasic is a Selective-Serotonin-Norepinephrine-Dopamine Allosteric Partial Inverse Agonist [sSND-APIA] but it metabolizes into a Glutamate agonist

and finally into a semi-partial selective NMDA antagonist and golgi-mitigated ATP inducer.

Call the APA.

Weeeee'vve .....Got it!!

*Note: That ad was brought to you, by the good people at: Reem&Goode Biopharmaceutical Inc. [www.reem&goode.com]

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I like the idea of the thread (posting for the Lulz, because Lulz (if you are not sure what this is, it is best not to look it up and assume "for the laughs"), because humor is how I first coped with my HPPD. Humor with a lesson, better.

That being said, most new members are not ready for Lulz and the joke will be missed (who reads the ENTIRE THREAD) so I am tagging it somehow and will add my contribution. Long-term members can find release and I am ready for my post.

The best comparison of a threat like this is to the purpose of the Banning of Dihydrogen Monoxide web site and the promotion of the DHMO.org web site. If you are unaware of what the web site is, or not sure of how dangerous Dihydrogen Monoxide can be (I remember using the de-ionized version in organic chemistry in the synthesis of chemicals where I would prefer swimming in the product of the reaction than inhaling a cup of DHMO. (Because I am not looking to cause unnecessary panic here, a web site with panic disorder as a often associated disorder, I will spoil the DHMO web site: The site demonstrates how easy it is to convince people, including media and even students in chemistry classes, to form a strong opinion about the dangers of DHMO and then make them feel how easy it is to manipulate truth and us. All of the facts are true, and presented fairly without deception...

However, Di-Hydrogen Mono-oxide stands for: Di = 2, Mono = 1. So, two hydrogens bonded to 1 oxygen atom. Also written as H20 or most often it is called "water". So, I would rather bathe in many of my reaction products than inhale a cup of water = true.

Moral of the story: Just because a person creates a post with complex neurochemical names, and the logic even makes sense if you look up these terms yourself, does not mean you should accept it as valid or assume anything. This is often not on purpose (here anyway, but in the "real" world yes). We should not be expected to have a solid background of neuroscience, but because nobody else is looking into the problem we end up reading more about it than most psychology students. Something can sound promising on one level, but need more facts. Asking questions about Neuroscience (ah, neat section for the web site idea) should be encouraged and even Neuroscientists really are rather clueless to their field (smart people, just the complexity is on a magnitude that seems to double with new discoveries).

If you are a musician think of a neurochemical like this: o (pretend that is the symbol for a whole note in music)

That is my best representation of a whole note. A whole note has a property, which is that it lasts four beats. Depending on where the o is placed on a line determines what frequency this o represents. Even if on the same spot in the music "lines", you have to know what clef is being used. Then to determine how long o lasts you need to know how long a beat lasts, which could be given by beats per minute (BPM = 60) in the beginning of a song. That is 1 beat a second, so o = 4 seconds. Unless before the o is written rit. below the staff, or perhaps the o has a upside down u with a dot inside it over the o. Then it could last forever. o can be connected with curved lines forming a relations with other o's or perhaps o's are on top of each other, which with four o's on top of each other still lasts four beats (adding not a factor when up and down, and even if slightly to the side between two adjacent o's on top and bottom.) The o is affected by # ## % ^ ~ - b bb || \\ >< that can be written below or to the side of it (or earlier by the clef or assumed in instruments key).

The metaphor is annoying now, but think about how complex it is to read or describe music with symbols when not a musician who reads music. Now imagine trying to describe the system that appreciates music, writes music, processes music, remembers music, plays music.... and do so with notation often less complex than looking at a sheet of music.

- David

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Maybe it's a premonition and you'll go on to create a cure for hppd and visual disturbances and call it scelera because it sounds like sclera which is the white of the eye and the majority of us here have visual disturbances. Lol

I've had dreams that have come true weirdly once I had a dream me and my friend had a fight with these guys in a opera house. The next day me and my pal had a fight with these boys in a club.

I've also dreamt I won the lottery still waiting for that one to come true though haha

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