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Has the antipsychotic drug maked my HPPD worse?

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So, at first the doctors thought that i had a psychosis so I've been taking the antipsychotic stuff Seroquel for some months. I've been phasing that one out now but i feel like crap everyday. I wonder if the antipsychotic drug may have maked my hppd even worse. Is that possible and would that damage be permanent?

Best wishes.

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Hey man I read over on the visual snow forum of a few people who tried seroquel most people advised against it for a few their symptoms got worse some people it didn't effect and I think a couple of long term people it helped their symptoms but from what I read majority of peoples symptoms got worse within a few days of the drug so they stopped straight away there symptoms returned back to how they were I don't think antiphsycotics in general are very good for treating hppd as hppd isn't anything to do with psychosis plus I've heard they give real shitty sides probs best to come off them dude and try something else especially if they're making you feel crappy hopefully keppra or something might work better for you if you can get it prescribed peace !

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