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my unusual HPPD symptoms


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Hey guys, well I've come to terms with the fact that I have this, but my symptoms overall seem to be a bit different than most cases I've read about here. My main symptom is "glowy" afterimages. For example, if you stare at something red for a few seconds then look away, the afterimage should be greenish. For me however, the borders of the afterimage tend to glow extra colors that don't make sense (like purple or silver) in a neon-like fashion. I'm not sure if I have palipnosia (excessive afterimages) also or I just pay more attention to the afterimages now because they have weird and brighter colors to them.

I also have little spots that come and go in my vision. They're like tiny spotlights that fade after 5 seconds or so. I swear there is a medical name for this but I can't find it, if anyone knows please post.

The third, and weirdest main symptom, is closed eye visuals at night or when I'm tired. Sometimes I'll see something mundane, and other times incredible fractals or Dali-esque landscapes. It's very much like the CEV's under a good dose of mushrooms, except not as clear.

(BTW I got all this from Spice and 2c-e, and it was made slightly worse by weed and mushrooms).

I don't have any new neurological symptoms or dp/dr as far as I can tell. I'm pretty fucked up mentally as it is anyway and have been diagnosed with Asperger's, ADHD, anxiety, the whole nine yards, so I guess it's best to remain completely sober from now on.

Anyway I'm interested in hearing about other HPPD symptoms that are outside the norm, as well as what drug or drugs have caused it.

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My eyes water constantly since getting hppd and I get a lot more headaches from the light sensitivity but the watering eyes Is annoying on top of everything else haven't heard anyone mention that symptom before sucks that you have this dude hopefully it will get better for you in time and be one of the short cases

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That's odd because when i had worse hppd, my eyes would have a hard time watering and i had an inability to cry.

I get "fade-to-black" and "object breathing" and sometimes "liquid television".

Framing jumping sometimes and had worse trails until recently.

Sometimes i feel damaged and feel emotional but feel distanced and unable to express them------>Kind of like on the level of "subdued" hysterics.

Sometimes i feel like the base of my skull is in a vise.

Yes, I've had the blue-pink-purple stoplights in my periphery.

When i had hpp at 17/18 years of age, i also had a "ugly" silver diamond right in the middle of my vision.

I'll tell you in terms of visuals: Fractals, geometry and MC Escher are a lot better than Dali, bugs that live in the ground, and Led Zeppelin 3 cover art.

[Artistically they are about all even ..haha]

...................oh yeah and little popping eye bubbles.

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Yeah I used to think my symptoms were pretty cool and entertaining actually but after 6 months I'm sick of them. Taking 2c-e is the biggest regret of my entire life, if it has made my vision worse, who knows how else it may have fucked my head up? The fact that no one knows is scary, people need to be warned against these research chemicals more. The worst part is had I not taken it I probably would have been just fine (I haven't heard of people getting HPPD from only shrooms, only from artificial stuff like X, LSD, RC's, etc.) and I REALLY enjoy shrooms...

Also, any sort of stimulant makes my HPPD way worse. This includes Ritalin, Adderall etc. as well as just caffeine. If I even drink a glass of Coke my visuals go bonkers. This is kind of a good thing actually as it has forced me to stop drinking soda lol. I only drink water, milk, and juice now.

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