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COMT gene/dopamine placebo article

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One problem: "placebo acupuncture" Since acupressure is effective as a treatment, then fake needles would provoke a response anyway. The question would be, where the fake needles were placed ... if random, then that should resolve the concern ... but if at acupunture points, then the treatment was still stimulating Qi

"The researchers found individuals with a COMT variant that triples the amount of dopamine in the front of the brain felt no improvement without treatment but an improvement with the placebo acupuncture." Odd wording since normal COMT expression is this one -- usually you don't use the word variant to describe the normal (though technically it was ok). It is the 2 mutations that cause less-than-normal amounts of dopamine.

It would make sense that low-dopamine-individuals would be more [hyper-]sensitive to emotional (and environmental) effects since they are living on the edge - marginal functioning due to dopamine rarification.

"an even bigger effect in the elaborate placebo where warmer care was given" - that is a no-brainer. Now lets see ... do you liked to be kicked? ... or prefer to be hugged? Now look at IBS - it is a disease highly affected (triggered) by stress/worry.

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