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Aspirin as Drug? Acetylsalycilacid+Salycilacid

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He fellows,

after researching with a freind about MDMA Pills he showed me some Quality-Quantity-Analyses of Pills from 1997, Germany, and we found a combination that should be Aspirin....Also there was made a rebuild of that pill with different sizes, so that must be a really heavy flash if someone decides to invest that much money to rebuild them.....the Acetylsalycilcid is Aspirin, how you know it like from Bayer.

The Salycilacid is found in different plants, it should be easy to get this...so here´s the Pill-Report: http://www.eve-rave....y_pillen_97.pdf

The Pills are on Site 6, they´re called Pentagon.

So would this seriously give you a flash, or anyone heard something about this combination?

Edit: just a overdose maybe, uagh not a worth try

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