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need a little help (supplements)


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Hi, i need some help with my supplement use. I started to take many supplements together daily and i need some feedback from users.

Here is the list :

Fish Oil

NAC (N-acetylcysteine)

Ginkgo Biloba


Alpha lipoic acid


Vitamine B complex + C


I ceased taking magnesium, st john wort and valerian root.

What do you think ? Is it too much ? Or can i add some other stuff ? How long should i continue to take?

After 3 months of hppd my anxiety is now nearly zero. Maybe 5-10% but unfortunately my visual symptoms and tinnitus are worse.

Nowadays I am smoking 10 cigs daily and 2-3 bottle of beer in a week.

Anyway i am waiting your thoughts about my supplement use. Thank you very much.

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