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smoking cigarettes on bupropion

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i've been on wellbutrin for4 years and i haven't stpped smoking the whole time and i know that the nicotine is not attaching to the receptors the same way, or"getting in the brain": effecting me the same. I know nicotine promotes the accumulation of aCh with inhibition of aChE. But 4 years later I'm all f'ed up, you talk about push/pull; i feel like i'm dying. Should i just quit?

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I´ve been on Wellbutrin XR for 1 year, and it´s become useless already. For me, it only blocked the receptors for a couple of months, after that my nicotine addiction came back big time. I quit smoking/ snuffing during that period, now I´m addicted again, getting nico kicks again and getting abstinence when I try to quit. This despite doubling the Wellbutrin dose.

See this is a reason why I have lost almost all faith in meds and doctors. They say these type of meds don´t cause tolerance, but it´s BS! The body can develop tolerance to nearly every substance.

I feel benefits a short while, then I get tolerant and it completely stops working.. :angry:

But you should try to quit anyway if you can, -mg. Smoking is never good,.. Though you should expect abstinence

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