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Oil Refinery


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I just moved into a place close to the beach but unfortunately there's a HUGE refinery about 1/2 kilometer away from me. How bad do you think it is to live next to one of these- aside from potential plant meltdown? Any HPPD worsening possibilities you think?

All day every day there's something billowing from the tops of their stacks. They say it's water vapor to cool down something- but who knows. I probably won't live here too long but I wanted to be near the ocean and this was the only affordable spot.

Thinking about getting a bunch of those indoor air purifiying plants. California has great beaches but who the hell puts a refinery in such prime real estate areas.

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Most oil is moved by ships ... hence the need for ports.

Best thing to do is boycott petroleum use (good luck on that one).

For me, petrol is dangerous since the chemical injury was petroleum based. Actually, it is flat out known that gas, diesel, etc. causes neurological damage. But the world economy runs on oil and it takes so long for problems to show that people don't realize it (often longer than it takes to cancer from tobacco). Oil is fat soluble and the brain is largely fat.


If you smell it, IMO move.

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Ya boycotting is impossible. I do ride my bike 4 miles to work most days now though.. I can't smell to begin with really so I don't know. Although every now and then while riding my bike to work I catch a whiff of something I know that. It's a suburban area with tons of residential houses and apartments and I live right next to a primary school so i guess it shouldn't be too bad.. I'm probably just making excuses. I think I'll need to spent 6 months here probably before I can move again (if I want my deposit back)

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