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Seriously WTF

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Ever since I done that MDMA every know and again I get fucked up shit happens when I'm trying to sleep literally just now as I was falling asleep it sounded like someone was banging the shit out of my bedroom door this obviously scared the shit out of me left me with chills and feeling quite fucked up what the fuck is this ?

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I've always had it to be fair just ever since I done the MDMA whenever I've had it they been dark and scary lol last night freaked me out I've never had the auditory hallucination before only the visuals I was obviously in the hypnagogic state although the thought someone had broken in then the thought I was being haunted run through my mind before I rationalized even then I was scared to go back to sleep as I didn't wanna have another fucked up hallucination so I stayed awake until like 5.00 am

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Nah I don't I only ever did molly once the weeks following I had a lot of freaky things happen when your in that place between being awake and asleep I had insomnia for 3 days after the Molly it was the worst experience I ever had in my life haven't touched any class As since all I've done is the occasional joint but haven't done that in about 8 months been stone cold sober not even alcohol and plan on staying that way for as long as I can it's weird though coz didn't have any weird dream shit for like 17 months then had it the other night all of a sudden I can say it's horrible made me scared of

The dark for 2 nights just getting back to normal

Now lol

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