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So, I´ve had this for a year so far and having all the symptoms you describe here. Last spring was quite a hard time but I started to get better this fall. My DP/DR level has dropped a lot and visual snow feels to be lower than it used to be. I´m not on any meds.

Active lifestyle may be the key. I was enjoying it before this and feeling no reason to downshift it.

I think there are a lot worse things in life than this and believe in the fact that world changes all the time and people go with it and there will be more or less damage during the years ;)

Experimental test with half a blotter of acid triggered it. No previous drug history.

Take care!!

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Yeah.. I can really believe that. How about your situation Jay: has it been always the same or did it get really worse at some turn? You told somewhere here that you tried acid during this, how did it affect to your symptoms?

Edit: I drank lots of alcohol last spring and summer. It didn't affect to HPPD-visuals at all, but the anxiety and depressed feeling kicked back really hard the days after. Like we all know, that's what it does without any kind of neurological disorders.

Nowadays I don't drink so often, but about twice a month it feels so great to reset the counter. I know it's not recommended, but I just love it too much. Just making sure never ending up to the "experimental situations" again... ;)

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I think I hit a wall after my breakdown in 1995-1996.... from then on, it hasn't got better or worse, even if I take MDMA, LSD etc. But who knows what damage it did in terms of whether I would ever recover.

Alcohol became I big problem though.... When I was young, It didn't affect my hppd much.... But from about 20 years onwards, the hangovers turned into full on bad trips. As i've said many times though, I don't think blowing off a bit of steam with a few beers is that bad... for me anyway.

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