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This is certainly an interesting topic, you and I and bunch of other people were talking about.

I think that it is hard when you are not starting out with one cell (such as a fully grown human) as opposed to let's say genetic engineering of a flower (from "birth"). It's hard to treat these problems genetically at such localized areas (yet vast in the number of neurons of these areas) within the brain. So i think that attaching genetic messages to relatively inert adenoviruses and "infecting" patients with it, you can either silence or awaken genetic expression through either new epigenetic methods or with the cell's iRNA.

If we attach a genetic message (that mirrors the genetic message of the genetic expression we want silenced) to these adenoviruses, iRNA will recognize the virus as something that may put the cell at risk and associate that genetic message with that risk. And in doing so, will destroy or silence that genetic message/expression.

This is where the new frontier will be in this sort of model IMO.

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