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I'm looking for a cheap house........

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Here on the big island of Hawaii you can get an acre of land in the boondocks away from people for 400-500 bucks a month in some areas. But you'd have to build living arrangement on it. You could live in a tent, or create some sort of shelter.. people have been very creative with it. Had a co-worker who has an arrangement like this and she and her husband and kids love it and are doing well. Downside is cost of living here is crappy. Land can be cheap, but groceries will come back to bite ya in the ass. Was 10 bucks for a gallon of orange juice last time I checked. You'd get familiar with the sales department very quick. But it is a beautiful place to live, and despite some hawaiians race hate towards caucasians it is mostly a pretty friendly place and there are lots of cool people to meet. Maybe not your best bet, but thought I'd chime in anyway, give ya some options.

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