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Hi, everyone. My name is Erik and I live in Sweden. I got HPPD after a ridiculously horrible trip from spice in January this year, and this has totally ruined my life. I've dropped out of school due to all the symptoms and i don't see friends anymore. The worst symptoms for me is the depersonalisaton and that i can't think straight/clear. The fact that i can't live a normal life with my symptoms has made me really depressive and suicidal, even though i don't want this to stop me, i can't ignore the fact that i can't think as good as i did before.

I would like to get in contact with other people from Sweden with HPPD, especially people who got it from spice and i'm interested in how their HPPD has developed over time.

I've been taking Seroquel for several months because the doctors thought that i had a drug-induced psychosis... which were not the case (i had to find out that by myself), but i'm phasing out that medicine now. I'm thinking about trying either Keppra to ease my symptoms or Dr. Abraham's new treatment with a combination of two medicines.

My interests are photagraphy, science, poetry, politics, computers and being with friends.



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I think you are making the right choice coming off Seroquel. You might start to feel better without that.

Personally speaking, I think you should avoid meds, for now, and see how you heal naturally.

As always, my advice is to stop or cut down alcohol, stop smoking, eat healthy and exercise.

hope things start getting better for you.

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