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A lot of these bodybuilding supplements, including the one the sold at walmart are saturated with amino acids and the like that should be very beneficial for HPPD. I'm not kidding. Just look up the ingredients in them. The only problem though is that you get everything else with them, including the creatine and the like. The one that the schizo people were testifying to was Testforce2? That one in particular had Sarcosine in it. I was taking the bodyfortress from walmart and can for sure tell a difference. However the side effects from the other ingredients are rather nasty after a bit. After I was taking it awhile the doc said that I should probably give blood because my hemoglobin was getting high. Sarcosine seems to be the real kicker and I cannot say I've tried it but that can be bought on it's own. DO NOT take this with Namenda, it has an opposite effect and your body will not be able to clear it from your system. It can be very very nasty. computer about to die, just wanted to through it out there. peace

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