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I was just wondering if any of you have been put on an antibiotic while having HPPD, and dit not get affected by it.

After reading some posts about antibiotics, I'm kind of afraid of getting sick and having to take antibiotics... I couldn't bear getting a more severe HPPD.

I know I shouldn't worry about diseases that I don't have, but I do...

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I forget the names of the antibiotics I've used, but they were for treting lymes disease. I got hppd while on a 30 day antibiotic regimen. 6 months later I was taking 2 stronger antibiotics at the same time for about 5 weeks straight. They made me feel like absolute shit but no large, noticeable effect on visuals. I've also rubbed some antibiotic pimple cream on my face before, with 0 effects.

haha I know this post barely helps because I forget all the names of these pills, but like I said I 'contracted' HPPD while taking acid on that first antibiotic regime. anyways what antibiotics are you facing?

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